Monica Abbott 12.5 Inch Glove

Model: LA125MA14

Product Description

This 12.25" fastpitch glove features the same pattern worn by Monica Abbot.  This Monica Abbot 12.5” fastpitch glove  features a custom-fit, adjustable pull back strap and a 2 Piece Solid web, which utilizes a deep pocket and is an excellent choice for infielders as well as pitchers who want to conceal the ball.  Made from USA tanned shell leather, pro-grade lace and full grain cushioned finger back linings give this glove very comfortable. 

Monica Abbott 12.5 Inch Glove

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  • Game day model of Monica Abbott
  • 2-piece solid web
  • Custom-fit, adjustable, non-slip pull back strap
  • Hinged conventional back with adjustable Velcro strap