Toxic Reload ASA Slowpitch Bat


Product Description

The Toxic® Reload ASA® slowpitch bat features an X-tended Sweetspot that extends the barrel 1 ½ - 2” longer with 0.5 oz end-load design to give you better bat control and power. Worth’s Whiplash™ technology has also been added that gives you up to 30% thinner taper for reduced weight and increased bat speed.

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$44.95$24.95 to $44.95

  • WHIPLASH - Up to 30% thinner taper for reduced wight and increased bat speed
  • RELOAD - 0.5oz. end-load designed for bat control and power
  • X-TENDED SWEETSPOT - Largest sweetspot in aluminum bats created by extending the barrel 1½ - 2 longer.
  • APPROVED BY - ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF and all other associations
  • LENGTH / WEIGHT - 34"/26.5oz, 34"/27.5oz, 34"/28.5oz