2015 ²Legit™ 4 Piece Double Barrel Fastpitch Bat (-10)

Model: FPLGC

Product Description

This is the bat you've been searching for! Using our 2x4 Logic this bat will deliver the highest performance at every level. With its double barrel, 4 piece technology this bat will deliver pop, distance, and flex… all without the sting. So, are you ready to #liveLEGIT? 

2015 ²Legit™ 4 Piece Double Barrel Fastpitch Bat (-10)

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  • 2x4 Logic - Double barrel, four-piece technology designed to give a hitter everything they want: pop, distance and flex... all without the sting
  • Made in the USA
  • Approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF and all other associations using 98 MPH w/ABI
  1. OUTER BARREL - A thin exterior barrel engineered for extreme rebound for any swing speed.
  2. INNER BARREL - The composite allows max flex without inhibiting the sweetspot.
  3. COLLAR PIECE - Silicone wrap dampens vibration.
  4. HANDLE / HINGE - A stiff handle and double barrel design creates overall flexibility, consistently solid contact and pop.